A preview of what is mango wood, its highlights, normal uses and advantages.

So what is mango wood? Mango wood is the wood gotten from the Mango tree (logical name Mangifera Indica for its beginning in India), found in tropical nations of Southeast Asia, Australia and the South Pacific Islands. The mango tree is planted in incredible numbers for the exchange of its natural products. Nonetheless, these trees arrive at their development in 15-20 years and their organic product bearing limit diminishes enormously. After that grower regularly cut the tree down and sell the wood. In the new years, the wood has discovered numerous takers from furniture creators just as buyers, both because of its masters as hardwood furniture material and its manageability remainder.

Mango Tree

Highlights of Mango Wood

Hardness: Mango wood is viewed as a hardwood. This solid and thick wood is at a position of 1070 on the Janka hardness scale, tantamount to dark cherry wood or debris wood, and is ideal for furniture making as its strength isn’t influenced by customary use. Despite the fact that hardwood is hard to cut and shape, mango wood is perhaps the mildest hardwood around making it reasonable for utilize a development material or for furniture making.

Grain and Texture: In its normal structure, mango wood grain is either straight or wavy and interlocked. Notwithstanding, its look can be improved by cleaning it.

Shading: The center of the mango tree or its heartwood is by and large brilliant earthy colored. Be that as it may, on occasion, it might likewise be pink, with or without dark streaks or brilliant earthy colored.

Why Go for Mango Wood

Mango wood is practical: A ton of shoppers today are more mindful of the effect of improvement, tree cutting and CO2 discharges on climate and arranged to do their spot by becoming environmentally viable. This has likewise provoked producers to search for green or practical alternatives while choosing parts/crude materials just as the assembling cycle. This is the place where the rising prevalence of mango wood as furniture wood comes from. Mango trees should be chopped down after they quit proving to be fruitful and at this point they arrive at a stature of very nearly 20 meters and use an excess of wood to be essentially left to spoil or consumed as fuel. The way that mango tree is planted predominantly for its natural product, develops and develops generally quicker, and its wood can be utilized as sturdy development or furniture material makes mango tree wood one of most reasonable alternatives among woods.

It has high water resistance: Since mango wood is impervious to water by and large, it is ideal for making porch, deck or some other sort of outside furnishings. For expanded sturdiness, it just requirements cleaning.

Extraordinary plans: Mango wood is delicate and flexible, so it is simpler to cut and shape, in spite of other hardwood types. It is additionally awesome material to cut collectible or architect furniture since it bears the cost of expand cutting plans.

Value Difference: Mango wood is promptly accessible and is a reasonable wood. This makes it reasonable, not at all like more costly wood types like teak and Sheesham.

Normal Uses of Mango Wood

Mango wood is very responsive to waxing and finishing making it conceivable to emphasize the examples of its grain. This bit of leeway of the tree combined with the tree’s certifications as a superior choice to stumble just hard wood trees has prompted the utilization of its wood for assembling various things:

Open air furniture: Mango wood is exceptionally water-safe and as such it’s useful for making garden furniture.

Huge furniture pieces: Though mango wood is solid, it is very light weight and incredible for making huge furniture pieces like beds, eating table sets, show units, divider cupboards, kitchen cupboards, and so forth

Entryways and window outlines: Mango wood may likewise be utilized for making entryways and window outlines. Entryways made of mango wood flaunt its normally happening tones and examples. In spite of the fact that mango wood is decently solid, its toughness can be expanded through treatment and finishing.

Kitchen frill: The hard and thick mango wood is ideal for making kitchen embellishments like hacking sheets, serving plate, bowls, plate of mixed greens workers, and so forth

Instruments: Mango wood is a nearly delicate hardwood thus it tends to be handily given mind boggling shapes required for instruments like drums, ukuleles, and guitars.

Facade and pressed wood sheets: Slivers of mango wood are additionally utilized as facade for furniture things made of inferior quality wood to give them a hardwood look or to upgrade their appearance.

Deck: Mango wood is likewise now and again utilized for ground surface purposes however it’s anything but an enduring ground surface material.

Restoring leather: It is a significant wellspring of tannins for relieving cowhide.

Parasite Issues in Mango Wood

Mango wood is inclined to both creepy crawly and organism assault and which is the reason the wood is oven dried and treated with synthetic substances prior to being utilized for furniture producing. Treated mango wood turns into a brilliant option in contrast to more costly hardwoods like teak and oak given its novel grain and surface, distinctive shading, lower cost, and simple accessibility.

Dealing with mango wood furniture

Mango wood doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. In any case, in a dry climate it might create breaks over a period if not kept hydrated. Likewise, on the off chance that it is presented to a lot of sun or other warmth sources like the kitchen oven, it is smarter to saturate it once every month or as and when it appears to be dry. All you require to deal with your mango wood things is cleaning or finishing it softly with a bit of cotton material and some organic product oil like lemon oil or orange oil. Try not to utilize liquor based items as they may wind up making the wood significantly drier.


With everything taken into account, mango wood which is essentially a side-effect of agro industry is a climate cordial and manageable choice for your furnishings. Its vivid tones make it appealing and up-to-date while its consistent stock makes it a hardwood alternative that finds a way into everybody’s financial plan. No big surprise then that an ever increasing number of individuals are picking furniture and extras made of mango wood as an option in contrast to the next more costly and less reasonable hardwood choices. In spite of the fact that lightweight, mango wood is solid, hard, and thick.

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