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Considered among the most significant tropical assortments, teak wood is known for its solidness, strength, versatility and magnificence. Teak wood is exceptionally impervious to water, termites and other harming components, for example, forceful synthetic substances and even fire. For many years, shipbuilders have been utilizing teak wood for building wooden watercrafts and harbors. It is additionally being utilized in substance industry for barrels, tanks, and other research center furnishings.

Beside shipbuilders, carpenters and furniture creators additionally consider teak wood the ideal crude material for their undertakings. This is on the grounds that teak wood is extremely simple to work with, either with hand devices or machine instruments; and can likewise be dressed to a flawless smooth completion. It’s regular, warm brilliant tone and grain gives teak furniture an appealing completion. Also, its boss strength makes teak feasible for a scope of pieces that are not viable with other milder wood assortments.

Because of the various favorable circumstances of teak wood, it’s not actually amazing why it keeps on being a top pick for a wide scope of carpentry projects – for both indoor and outside purposes. And furthermore due to its top notch, teak wood is considered among the most valuable wood assortments in the market today.

Rundown of teak wood cost across different pieces of the world

In India, teak is purchased in cubic foot and is valued at about Rs. 3500/ – per cubic-foot.

In USA, you can expect $25-$28 per board-foot.

You can investigate the Burmese teak wood cost and different sorts of teak here.

How teak is purchased?

Teak normally fills in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, for example, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines, just as in India. Numerous teak estates can be found in this area in spite of the fact that there additionally ranches in other tropical areas, for example, Central America, South America and Central Africa. It takes around forty years before teak can be felled and transformed into amble so the inventory is frequently restricted, a significant motivation behind why the expense of teak wood is exceptionally high.

Contingent upon the motivation behind your buy, you can purchase teak wood either from lumber dealers or from carpentry shops that sell instant or altered teak pieces. It is significant that you know where you will utilize the teak wood so you can get the correct size and shape. For example, on the off chance that you need for unique wood projects, it is ideal to get it from lumber from dealers. On the off chance that you need some furniture pieces, at that point a carpentry shop would be a simpler method to purchase.

Teak lumber logs go far before they get to lumber stores or the carpenter’s table. Teak trees need to develop, typically twenty to forty years, before they are felled. When experienced, the manor should adhere to severe neighborhood rules on chopping down trees. Various nations will have various standards before a license can be allowed. After an endorsement from specialists is made sure about, the trees can be felled, handled and transformed into logs of various measurements. The logs are then moved to lumber bazaars where these are additionally cut into determined measurements. Manufacturers, engineers, furniture producers, inside decorators, and different carpenters would then be able to purchase from these lumber providers.

Another conceivable method of purchasing teak wood is from rescues of old furnishings or from tear-downs of old structures, boats and shipyards. Be that as it may, this cycle can be somewhat burdening as you should find out the genuineness of the wood. Additionally, you should consider if the components of the wood will suit your motivation.

Different elements that influence the teak wood cost

There is a global market for teak wood. Furthermore, much the same as whatever other wares that are exchanged worldwide, the costs of teak wood may change and shift at various locales and at various timeframes. A few factors that can influence the teak wood in worldwide business sectors incorporate the accompanying:


Trade rates



Lot size

Tree size and quality

These variables assume huge parts in the current costs of teak wood in the worldwide commercial center. The law of market interest can be exceptionally felt in the valuing of teak logs.

What does the cost rely on?

Be that as it may, beside these worldwide elements, there are then again different subtleties.

In the event that you are purchasing crude teak wood, the costs of the wood will be figured dependent on the square’s measurements or cubic feet. Be that as it may, deciding the cost isn’t as basic as knowing the components of the wood. At the point when you visit a lumber store, you’ll be astounded to discover some teak wood to be evaluated higher contrasted with different logs in spite of having similar measurements. This is on the grounds that there are different variables that can influence the cost of a particular teak wood.

Different variables that influence the cost of teak wood include:

Root and age of the timber

Teak woods can be ordered into two dependent on where they were developed: old-development teak and manor teak. The old-development teak fills normally in rainforests and is generally felled after it is completely developed, between 15 to 10 years. These are viewed as predominant quality and are accordingly more costly than teak wood filled in ranches. Also, the more established the tree is, the higher the cost would be.

Teak assortment

Teak trees filled in various locales have differing characteristics such wood strength, grain and shading. For example, teak assortments from Burma will in general be pricier contrasted with the assortments filled in South American manors.

Preparing cost

Regardless of whether you are buying teak logs or teak wood furniture, the handling costs will definitely matter with regards to the last cost of the item. Diverse teak wood providers will have shifting handling techniques.

Transport cost

Where the lumber logs begin from additionally influences the cost of the teak wood. Those that are moved over significant distances will normally have greater expenses contrasted with those that are sourced locally.


In spite of the fact that teak wood is costly, it actually has a popularity as a result of its unrivaled characteristics. In the event that you are considering purchasing teak wood pieces or furniture, don’t spare a moment. See yourself as contributing on a high worth thing. Whatever it is, you are almost certain that it will keep going for ages.

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