I’ve been thinking that what should I have to add to my patio during this Covid-19 lockdown. When I search the prices of furniture on the internet for my patio I was shocked that how expensive they are, then the idea came to my mind that why couldn’t I try this and make it by my self, this will save a lot of money. But the other challenge for me is to select the best wood for outdoor furniture which will be long-lasting and survive bad weather. So here I am going to share my practical experience with you which helps you select the best wood for your furniture.

Why Use Wood For Furniture In The First Place?

The first thing considers in the wood is its beauty. If we are talking about light fir or a traditional red cedar, wood is long-lasting. Wood is being used for years to create almost everything from flyover to baby toys.
Wood is also exceptionally divergent building material. From the wood’s sheer variety of colors, it is also available in different textures.


If I say wood is very eco-friendly so it might not be wrong because in its entire life trees absorb a lot of carbon dioxide from the environment. The best thing is when we converted the wood into the furniture so we are enduring that storage. The other benefit of wood is it requires comparatively little energy than other raw materials.

Local Harvested Wood

You can use locally harvested wood to your woodworking projects as it adds more value in a very unique way. Local woods are also cheap for your business as compared to the wood which you import from the other countries.

Staying Power

Things made up of wood have the best-staying power, as we can find wooden toys in our children’s and grandchildren’s room, so in this way, you can measure its durability.

Things You Have to Notice When Purchasing Wood For Outdoor Projects


Insects and Rot Resistant

If you are deciding to keep something outside, like benches or chairs, I can bet you might investigate wood first which also works as insects and rot-resistant. There are different types of species in the world whose natural resistance power to insects and rot can vary, so choose that one for your project who highly rots and insects resistant.

Local Climate

While purchasing wood, you have to consider your weather environment, if you’re living in a place that receives rain a lot then you will consider purchasing timber accordingly.

Outdoor Furniture

Before starting your woodworking task for your furniture, you have to consider the place where you are going to put them. As we discussed before that different species have their quality, so if you’re planning to put your furniture in the sunlight then purchase the wood who can stand up in the sunlight for a long time.

Consider Storage Capacity

Before starting your work, first, consider where you can store it. Might be your garage, all covered patio, or even a shed. Why this consideration is important because some people bring their furniture indoor during the winter season.

Material for Outdoor Furniture


Untreated Timber

Exempting a few species, the untreated timber is challenging to keep outdoors. It simply declines the integrity of the timber and leaves it open for both rot and insects. But most people believe that the cure for timber is an unhealthy process.

Treated Timber

I like the natural beauty of my timber, but I don’t want to lose the natural look of my timber. This leads me to treated timber. Pressure-treating timber for outdoor use involves keeping the lengths in a vacuum chamber to increase the insects and rot resistance compound.


A fastener is a piece of extraneous hardware, it can affect the lifetime of your wood. Equipment that you are planning to place outside must be of stainless steel or covered with an extra rust-proof layer. Just you have to do a little inquiry about the material that does not affect the treated timber.

8 Best Woods For Outdoor Furniture

Now check out the 11 different types of woods which are best for your outdoor furniture.


Cypress comes with its natural quality of releases a natural water repellent but I must say that it’s not good if you are planning to make its contact with the ground.


The quality of the cedar is, it’s light in weight. It’s also durable timber which doesn’t crack by the moisture retention. I love cedar because of its lovely sliver shade and it does not require too much maintenance.

White Oak

White oak is not a bad choice for people who are living in wet climates. If I talk about its history, white oak was used in the making of ships. White oak is different from red oak.


You can import it from South America. The best quality of this wood is, it is so dense which makes it float over the water in this way it shows water resistance. We can compare its durability with the teak but it is cheaper than teak.


It has historical value. Mahogany comes with a wide range of colors and the ability to fight with the challenges out there. But it requires regular attention for the maintenance of its natural color.


Teak is the most valuable timber in the world due to its durability. It’s can be found in southeast Asia’s forest. Teak is mostly used for outdoor furniture on the beach as it can stay in all weather conditions.


Acacia is considered as an invasive species of wood and is famous for its sustainability. It will be long-lasting if it is sealed correctly. It’s mostly used in boat building.


As compared to others, redwood is expensive. It has a naturally beautiful color which is unbeatable and the best part of redwood is that it comes with exceptional climate durability.


Adding wood furniture to your outdoor space is the best idea, it gives beautiful look to your patio. By just having a little knowledge about the best wood for your outdoor furniture and make it on your own can save your money.
So, now are you ready to make your outdoor furniture? Comment below and let me know about your ideas!

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