Must-Have 2020: 19 Special Hand Tools for Woodworking

Hand tools are used to work wood and turn it into a great object. A hand tool is considered to be anyone who does not use a motor to operate and who depends more on your own talent than on the electricity in your workshop.

If traditional carpentry is your passion, today you have an approach with the 20 best hand tools for working with wood. If the old-school (but efficient) style is all you’re looking for, this is your chance to
find out what is best for you to have in your workshop.

 1) Jack Plane


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Good woodwork is determined by how smooth the surface of the object is. To achieve an even surface, you can use a general-purpose Jack Plane that will allow you to trim the wood to the correct size you need. There are different numbers of Jack Plane, some are dedicated to dedicated smoothing and others to assembly. What is really important is that it is new and sharp in order to achieve an admirable surface.

2) Shoulder Plane


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You may come to know it as a rounded tip plane, but what you should keep in mind is that it is a flat tool and has a blade on the edges that is responsible for trimming the edge of a piece you are working on. Some models come with high-quality wood and steel and even include the blade. This hand tool is ideal when you need to cut directly into a concave corner where two surfaces meet perpendicularly.

3) Hand saw


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This is a classic. Surely you have seen it before and may even know them as Panel Saws. The reality is that they are a simple long and thin saw that you can use it comfortably. It is one of the first tools that a carpenter tries when she is starting in this art. Its size makes it fit perfectly in your toolbox. There are different types and they are quite useful. They are made of durable material.

4) Back Saw


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This saw is your best option if you require a more precise cut. It is best if you are a specialist in precise and extremely delicate jobs. This hand tool has a reinforcing rib on the edge opposite where the cut is. This is where the secret to its precision lies.

5) Dividers


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You can also know them as a compass. They are manual tools that are used within carpentry to repeat the same measurement as many times as necessary. If we are talking about fine carpentry, the carpenter will most likely decide to use this to tie a tape measure and then transfer the obtained to an arbitrary measure on another workpiece.

With dividers, everything is more exact. And they not only serve to ring measures infinitely but are also used to make bows and much more.

6) Workbench for solid woodwork


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If you want to do good woodwork, you must find your own workbench. Make sure it works for solid wood and is at least 3 feet tall. The bank model will depend entirely on you. There are workbenches for wood that are much more elegant than others, but the important thing is that you have a large work surface and that it gives you stability, solidity, and resistance.

7) Miter Box and Miter Saw

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This last tool is just a bigger saw. Don’t be intimidated by the name. These tools are indicated for making cuts on long surfaces that require precise angles. To make it work, you just have to slide it from back to front so that you can see how it is a fairly rigid saw but that fulfills its mission in a very good way. One of its greatest advantages is that it helps you save time and thus streamlines all the orders that you may have.

8) Coping Saw


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The main characteristic of this tool is that it is a hacksaw that allows cutting external shapes and making internal cuts in the pieces of wood. You can use it to cut rough shapes on the board to remove any remaining debris. It is a favorite hand tool as it is durable and you can blindly trust replacement blades.

9) Wooden or Rubber Mallet


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If you need to cut joints, this tool will be your best ally. Regardless of whether they are dovetail joints or mortises, a good wooden mallet can help you hit chisels. Get one that stays balanced in your hand and is made of fairly hard wood.

10) Bench Chisel Set


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If you must make a good investment you should do it in your chisel set. This is one of the tools that are used the most and in fact, if you buy good quality ones, they will last you many more years. Chisels are used in almost every project, there are very few exceptions. Their handles can be made of wood or even metal (Although it is recommended to buy with wooden handles). The sets of 5-7 chisels are ideal for carpenters as they will help them in all their work during any situation.

11) Mortise Chisel


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These chisels should be yes or yes in your toolbox. They are used to cut joints or chisel scrap wood. Its main quality is that it withstands strong blows with a mallet and its handle will always be made of the mill (Or at least those mortise chisels that are of high quality). Despite the high pressures, it will not split as it has a steel ring on the top. Two mortise chisels in your workshop will suffice.

12) Combination Square


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If you are a fan of precision, you should know that there is no better tool than this when it is time to measure and make traces. With this combination square, you can measure or cut a line at the correct angle without fear of being wrong. The most recommended is 12 inches and you can use it to measure on a large number of surfaces.

13) Hand drill


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If avoiding power tools is your thing, this drill will help you a lot. You find it in different colors and it requires a medium force to work. You just have to turn the handle and hold it firmly so that you can start your work.

14) Bevel Square


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This hand tool works by sliding and you can mark multiple angles on the workpiece. Once properly placed on the surface, the bevel square is able to reproduce the angle over another location without moving a single degree.

15) Marking Gauge


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If you need to make cuts safely and that you can later make dovetail joints, you can opt for a marking gauge. These tools are responsible for cutting a parallel line even when it is on the edge of a table. They are made of wood and are very useful. There are even those who consider them the best purchase ever made.

16) Sharpening Tools


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You can choose the one that makes you more comfortable to handle. The important thing is that it serves to sharpen any other blade that requires it. Remember that with time and the use that you give to the saws and others, you may lose their edge.

17) Marking Knife


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When you are making a piece of wood you must mark where you will make the necessary cuts so as not to make mistakes. For that, you use a marking knife. You can use it both in tight places and to make very precise lines. They are better than a pencil as they will always mark whatever type of wood you are working on.

18) Woodworking Clamps


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When you are gluing joints, you must hold them with something while the glue dries. For that, you use this manual tool known as Woodworking Clamps. The best you can choose is the “Manual Screw” and some “Bar Type”

19) Block Plane


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A block plane is often used in workshops. They are a small hand tool and help you trim seams, end grain, and more. This is a very useful woodworking planning tool for anyone who is making an object and wants to save time with good tools.

Ready! You have already known the 20 best manual tools that you can have in your carpentry workshop so that you can make the best possible creations. Although, there are many brands and types you as a carpenter must find which is the one that helps you work better.


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