How to Make a Windsor Chair–WWPP

We as a whole understand what a Windsor Chair is, however have you seen a very much made, quality Windsor Chair that talks about its maker? Indeed, it is one thing to like it, and another to make it. While I was searching for recordings and articles on the most proficient method to make a Windsor Chair, I got an email from Mike Dunbar. (Fortunate for me!)

He had made Windsor seats for a very long time. Starting in 1980 he trained Windsor seat making around the United States and Canada. In 1994 he and his better half Susanna gave the specialty a perpetual home when they opened a school named ‘The Windsor Institute’.  Their program of classes was perceived all through the world.  They instructed upwards of 35 classes per year with a limit of 28 students.  Roughly, they’ve encouraged Windsor seat making to around 6,500 individuals.

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