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In the event that you are a woodworker and will work for Log cutting in a home development administration, yet due to being a learner don’t know which Chainsaw to utilize, you’ve gone to the opportune spot.

This article will talk about various kinds of Chainsaw, their utilizations, and how to cut a log the long way with a Chainsaw, and toward the end, we will likewise answer some significant FAQ’s.

A cutting tool is by one way or another unique in relation to a responding saw. To get more data about the responding Saw, read our article about reciprocating Saw.

What Is Chainsaw?

A Chainsaw comprises of a versatile saw having a sharp arrangement of teeth, that fueled by gasoline,  by power, is battery charged, or even hand-controlled. These teeth are appended with a rotating chain along a guide bar, that shields the cutting tool from scraped spot misfortune.

Various Types Of Chainsaw And Their Uses

There are numerous sorts of Chainsaw particular as indicated by various work. They are recorded here that are then examined later in detail:

Pocket/Manual Chainsaw

Corded Electric Chainsaw

Post Chainsaw

Battery Powered Chainsaw

Gas Powered Chainsaw

Pneumatic Chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw And Its Uses

Pocket Chainsaw is somewhat, lightweight, and pocket-accommodating Saw having sharp cutting edges at the two closures, with two handle zones for simple holding. The article is cut by spinning the Saw around the thing, turning it in a forward and backward movement.

Uses: It can be utilized for cutting little items like cordwood.



Simple to deal with


Less power requires


Just possible for little articles

Requires quite a while for the cutting cycle

Since it’s a hand-controlled Saw, it is a bit of testing to utilize and furthermore exertion devouring

Pocket Chainsaw And Its Uses

Pocket Chainsaw is somewhat, lightweight, and pocket-accommodating Saw having sharp edges at the two finishes, with two handle zones for simple grasping. The article is cut by rotating the Saw around the thing, turning it in a back and forth movement.

Uses: It can be utilized for cutting little items like cordwood.



Simple to deal with


Less power requires


Just doable for little items

Requires quite a while for the cutting cycle

Since it’s a hand-fueled Saw, it is a bit of testing to utilize and furthermore exertion burning-through

Shaft Chainsaw And Its Uses

Some Pole Chainsaws take after a responding saw. These are very little bigger and are hand-convey Saws. As the trees develop, their branches additionally fill in an un-mannered shape leaving it an issue on cutting them.

Uses: If you are accustomed to cutting the tree limbs and give an ideal shape to those trees with an equilibrium, at that point the Pole Chainsaw is the ideal Saw for this utilization. It can likewise be utilized for tree expansions present on the highest point of the trees. These Chainsaws are less force full than a commonplace Chainsaw.


Can be utilized for numerous reasons

Utilized as both a low or high powerful Saw

Can be utilized for higher branches


Not amazing as different Chainsaws

Normally, its basic role is for tree limbs and nothing other

Battery Powered Chainsaw And Its Uses

As shown by its name, the Battery Powered Chainsaw comprises of a battery-powered battery. All things considered, the machine is additionally light in weight. Battery timing may shift contingent on which sort of work.

Uses: These are the best saws for the brush and reachable in many spots where different saws can’t.



Can be utilized for medium work

Being battery controlled diminishes the damage of being presented to hydrocarbons

Less commotion

Shouldn’t be launched at whatever point it’s killed, making git reasonable to use at statures


Contains less force

The battery is restricted and can’t run in excess of an entire day

Gas Powered Chainsaw And Its Uses

Gas-fueled Chainsaws have more force than different Chainsaws. That is the reason the vast majority pick them as their optimal Chainsaw for their work. This gas-controlled motor Chainsaw can cut wood, everything being equal, and lengths.

Uses: Can be utilized for practically a wide range of work like gigantic trees or branches cutting.


Strong Chainsaw when contrasted with others.

Can perform weighty work

Individuals regularly use them.


Cumbersome and noisily, so ear insurance and hand security while utilizing is exceptionally required

More chest area strength is needed in utilizing it

Burn-through more gas

Pneumatic Chainsaw And Its Uses

A pneumatic Chainsaw is every now and again utilized for mechanical or producing purposes. These saws are valuable in making straight cuts. Oil keeps the edges sharp, ensures against overheating against the edges.

Uses: These are amazing saws, helpful in development turning out generally for metal or solid cutting.


It runs with less force

Fuel utilization is insignificant

Hard core

Shields sharp edges from overheating

Ideal for straight cuts


Expenses of this Chainsaw is somewhat costly than the rest

Guide For Beginners On How To Cut A Log Lengthwise With A Chainsaw

Longwise cutting is normally needed for home development, for example, lodges, organizers, seats, shelves, and other furnishings. Plant Saw has a superb alternative with a Chainsaw for cutting the long way on the grounds that the plant makes the cycle simple for cutting. It likewise saves time and wastage of material.

Step by step instructions to Use Mill With A Chainsaw For Cutting A Log Lengthwise

Processing is the methodology that utilizes its versatile shaper for the expulsion of lopsided or futile material into the workpiece. Processing relies on different components like shaper head, power, and sharp edges.

Many processing Chainsaws can process the logs, yet you need to pick the correct factory for work. Here are the various kinds of factories beneath that give a reasonable picture at the top of the priority list on which plant is ideal for which reason.

HiHydro Chainsaw Mill 36 inch

This factory Chainsaw is comprised of unadulterated aluminum and steel. Probably the best element is that it can cut pillars or wood of a most extreme length of 36 inches and a thickness of 0.5 to 13 inches. It is anything but difficult to deal with and use. HiHydro factory is sturdy and enduring, yet it isn’t doable for bars since they can be in excess of 36 inches thick.

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

It very well may be utilized for outside work and any woodwork. Its slicing size is between 24 to 36 inches and is exceptionally solid with respect to execution. Its cutting width is around 48 inches, and the apparatus has a two years guarantee.

Carmyra factory has an excellent plan with movable highlights, and its slicing size doesn’t have to join with the penetrating bar during working.

ALASKAN Granberg Chainsaw Mill

ALASKAN Granberg is lightweight and simple to utilize. It is versatile and not costly. Made of good quality material guarantees it’s durable life. It can cut logs with a greatest length of 17 inches. It finishes huge loads of work proficiently like a gas Chainsaw or battery Chainsaw.

Bit by bit Guide To Cut The Log Lengthwise With A Chainsaw

Initial Step

Prior to beginning, comprehend what kind of work it is and which sort of Chainsaw is utilized. With the assistance of the Chainsaw types referenced above and their utilization, finding the correct Chainsaw will at this point don’t be an issue.

Watch that log is held effectively in its place.

Slugs are greased up.

Prior to beginning activity, ensure you are wearing gloves for security.

Utilize defensive glasses to maintain a strategic distance from any injury.

Ensure its cutting edges are accurately adjusted, perfect and sharp.

Second Step

Remove all parts of the tree since it very well may be an obstacle in the cutting cycle. You will feel calm during cutting.

Third Step

Set yourself up for the payoff. It typically happens when cutting edges make a decent attempt objects. Obliviousness can cause extreme injury.

Check the surface around which should clean from all snags.

Hold the Chainsaw with two hands.

Fourth Step

Try not to attempt to change the situation of the Saw while utilizing it. It can give you an unexpected yank for which you may not be ready for.

Prior to taking a rest, guarantee that the Saw is first turned off

Keep the Chainsaw near your body.

Fifth and Last Step

Continuously attempt to clean your Saw routinely in light of the fact that its consideration is pivotal. Keeping it clean and right on the money will make sure about its long life

In the wake of wrapping up the work on each spotless, first, let its edges chill off prior to continuing to some other work.

Clean edges to keep its sharpness dependable.

Greases up its slugs.

Regularly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can You Split A Log With A Chainsaw?

A: Yes. Parting a log with a cutting apparatus is a clear cycle. In any case, you must know about the correct strategies while slowing down; else, it will be an exercise in futility. Parting hammer is best for this reason.

It is heavier and resembles a mallet. Something else that is additionally essential to consider is the log width that must be cut. On the off chance that the measurement is more modest or indirect 14 inches, at that point parting hammer is precise for breaking.

Q: How Do You Cut A Log Straight With A Chainsaw?

A: Cutting a square in a log with a cutting apparatus is definitely not a major test; you should simply follow the correct strides to arrive at your objective. Initially, mark the log with a pointer/chalk with the assistance of scale or a completely cut record of that size.

At that point, utilize a gas cutting apparatus or battery cutting tool for substantial logs or smaller than normal saws for little articles. A wedge hammer likewise can be utilized in the mid for exact cutting.

Quartering a log with a Chainsaw is additionally appropriate by setting the wood onto the plant holding it to the ground. Move it’s every side and attempt to carve the log through a lot. This strategy is moderate yet best for quartering a wood.

Q: How Do You Split A Large Log Lengthwise?

A: First of all, the first concern ought to choose the correct Chainsaw for this reason. The Chainsaw ought to be more noteworthy than the log, which needs to cut. The tree trunk ought to be held into place in the wake of picking the straight Chainsaw, making a two inches cut into the log.

Whenever required, make more cuts longwise. A

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