Everything You Need to Know About Ted’s Woodworking Plans – Review

You are here because you might be thinking about purchasing Ted’s woodworking plans. If so, I’ll encourage you to read this entire review because it will be helpful to make a better decision.
In this review, we will be covering various aspects like is it legal or a scam. Plus, what about the plans, and different pros and cons, etc. So let’s come straightly to the point…

What Are The Ted’s Woodworking Plans?


As the name suggests, Ted’s woodworking plans are different courses for beginners to advanced woodworkers. These courses provide comprehensive information about woodworking. They teach you to step by step instructions, professional tips and techniques, technical drawings, high-quality photography, and the list of all needed materials.

If you are new and want to learn custom woodworking, you can go with Ted’s woodworking plans for beginners. They also offer numerous plans for intermediate and advanced learners to take their skills to the next level. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to get started in woodworking. All you need to have these 16,000 plans and the necessary tools to get started.

Modern woodworking needs advanced tools but you can easily follow these plans using primary tools. For example, you can use table saws, radial-arm saws, band saws, surface planner, drill press, and jointers, etc.

Information About The Product


You will receive 16,000 different woodworking plans after subscribing to it. These might not be exactly 16,000 but there are a lot of them. You will not get a massive collection of woodworking plans for such a low price. In fact, it is cheaper than anywhere else!

If you subscribe to your favorite woodworking magazine, you will not come closer to that even after 10 years. Therefore, if you want to get inexpensive woodworking plans altogether, it is a good option for you. All plans are not good and in detail but at least half of them are amazing.

However, you will learn something new in each plan for sure. Fortunately, plans are well-organized that helps you to find exactly what you are looking for. You can build all kinds of wood material for your home. For example, you can build cabins, carts, chairs, tables, boats, guitar, gazebo, etc.

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How to Receive The Product?


You need to download all of Ted’s woodworking plans in a PDF format. Actually, plans are available in different series so you will have to download all series separately.

You can go with an alternative option by ordering the DVD edition. You will receive all plans in 2 DVDs but it will cost an extra $19.95. However, I suggest you not to pay this extra amount for the DVD version. Because the downloading process is not that difficult and time-consuming.

What Will You Get?


After purchasing the guide, you will get:

–> Instant access to all 16,000 woodworking plans with easy to follow instructions.
–> New plans for free every month.
–> Lifetime free updates without fees or hidden charges.
–> You can avail of an option to have everything on 2 DVDs.
–> 100% unconditional money-back guarantee.

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Is Ted’s Woodworking Plans are legit or Scam?


Here comes the most essential part of the review: is it legit or a scam? Well, it can’t be considered a scam in my point of view. Because you get everything for what you pay. In simple words, you will be paying for 16,000 woodworking plans, and you get these plans in return.

Above all, they offer a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. So, if you are not pleased, you can simply ask for a refund. Further, I didn’t find any complaint about getting a refund.
You make payment through ClickBank, a global retailer, and an affiliate marketplace. If you are facing any difficulty in a refund, you can simply contact ClickBank and tell your query. You will hopefully get your money back. However, I consider it worth buying.

Pros and Cons of Ted’s Woodworking Plans


Below are some advantages of Ted’s woodworking plans:

=> Incredible Woodworking Plans: It contains 16,000 amazing plans so all are not bad obviously. You will find the majority of them amazing that help you to get new ideas. For example, the loft bed plan is one of the best plans. As for as the poor plans are concerned, you can simply ignore them.

=> Well Organized: All plans are organized wisely and I will give 5 out of 5 ratings in this case. You don’t need to sift through thousands of PDF pages to find the required design. Therefore, you can find the required plan in no time!

=> Cost-Effective: These plans are available at an affordable price. It is a digital guide so you don’t have to pay for an expensive guide.

=> Inspiration: By looking at the 16000 plans, you will come up with new inspiring project ideas. Because this book is full of incredible ideas.

=> Good Value for Money: After completing two or three projects by following the plans, you earn enough money that will be almost equal to the cost of the guide.


Below are some disadvantages of Ted’s woodworking plans:

=> Some Poor Plans: This guide some terrible plans which means you need to spend a little bit of time to filter these plans. If you are a person who prefers a product with few but high-quality plans, this guide is not for you.

=> Woodworking Videos: They provide some woodworking videos along with the guide. Personally, I didn’t find those videos worth watching. However, the videos come as a bonus so you don’t need to care about them.

Keep these points in mind before purchasing this guide. If you are passionate about woodworking, this guide will be very handy for you. Purchasing this guide means you are not wasting your amount.

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Wrapping Up


Ted’s woodworking plans have been designed for enthusiastic woodworkers. This guide has its own ups and downs but it has more pros as compared to its cons. Whether you are a new or an experienced woodworker, this guide is ideal for you.

I’m satisfied with this guide because it contains several projects worth doing. Plus, that plan contains detailed instructions enough to actualize the plan. Others might not find it worth to buy but it’s not a scam.

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