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Our most recent arrangement is all set, and this time we’re assembling a sideboard with somewhat of a retro vibe.

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The Sideboard Design

This piece has been intended for show, so we’re putting as much consideration within as on the out.

With its retro plan the sideboard has clean lines, and it’s rejuvenated through the blended utilization of lumbers and wraps up.

It’s a reasonable size, and simple to adjust to suit your own measurements whenever wanted.

The utilization of both softwood and hardwood was purposeful.

The pine permits speed for the main part of the fabricate.

Furthermore, I’ve selected oak for the subtleties. This invigorates where required, along with an excellent completion – especially having those book-coordinated boards in the back.

What You’ll Need

An essential arrangement of hand devices will get you through this assemble.

Anyway this is a serious included household item, thus I’ve picked to utilize a portion of the more expert planes during the fabricate.

These aren’t basic, however give a decent expansion in speed.

I’ve likewise utilized the bandsaw. This is just for unpleasant tears while preparing the lumber to be utilized.

We’ll be posting further subtleties on both the toolbox and writing list for this sideboard so inquire HERE for refreshes.


There’s a great deal going on with this sideboard and we show the entirety of the means it takes beginning to end.

Because of the length of the construct, we’ve put less of an accentuation on itemizing the fundamental strategies, (for example, board leveling, stamping precisely and sawing square).

The fundamental spotlight is on the procedures explicit to this work with include:

– Dovetailing

– Housings

– Frame and Panel

– Bridle Joints

– Wedged Mortice and Tenon

– Hanging Double Doors.

The Video Series

We look set to bring the full form out through eight video parts.

Part One will be live on Friday twentieth December.

Followed by another video every week to transfer or potentially download.

A cutting rundown and full PDF plans are likewise included.

Try not to miss the initial cost!

Current cost £26.00 (approx. $34.00)

Expanding to £35.00 (approx. $46.00)

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